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Virginia Technology Initiate (VaTI) Grant Update September 2022 Report

Completed mainline construction and splicing, actively turning up customers on:

Stoney Fork Road

Lipscomb Road

Construction has started on the roads below:

Stewartville Road Primary Main Line – (from SRHS to Jordantown Road) – (aerial plant)

East Lake Church Neighborhood

Hendrick Store Road - (Bore Shots completed, beginning mainline - buried)

Timberwood Lane - (Bore Shots completed, beginning mainline - buried)

Crystal Shores Drive - (Bore Shots completed, beginning mainline - buried)

Wayfarer Lane - (Bore Shots completed, beginning mainline - buried)

Custers Cove Way - (Bore Shots completed, beginning mainline - buried)

Brook Run - (beginning Bore Work)

White Cap Lane - (beginning Bore Work)

Aspen Road - (beginning Bore Work)

Red Oak Road - (beginning Bore Work)

Peninsula Drive - (waiting on marking)

E Road, D Road, B Road - (waiting on marking)

Bent Tree Road - (waiting on marking)

Oak Hollow Road - (waiting on marking)

Pine Knob Circle - (waiting on marking)

Meadow Point Drive - (waiting on marking)

Additional Roads

Harveys Creek Road, Staunton River Court, Holy Court, Sunset Knoll Lane, Bramlett Road, Shane Road, Anna Lane have all been built and have been released to installs.

Huddleston Expanded Footprint

Permits pending submission or pending approval with VDOT

Smith Mountain Parkway

Dundee Road

Altice Road

Bold Branch

Patmos Church Road


October 2022 Plan

Construction for the above roads will continue with installation available shortly afterwards.

Construction scheduled to begin on Moneta Road, from Food Lion to the Hales Ford Bridge. (buried and aerial plant)

Permits expected for the roads below:

Dickerson Mill Road

Emmaus Church

Diamond Hill Road

Goodview Road (Diamond Hill Side)

Trading Post Road

*Availability and timeline is subject to change. These dates should be considered as good faith estimates.

Contact us for details.


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