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Update - 10.26.23

Here at ZiTEL, we're committed to bringing high-speed fiber broadband to our community, and we're making significant progress.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Rodney Gray, shared an update on our ongoing expansion efforts in front of the Bedford County Board of Supervisors. "We've been hard at work building a network of approximately 480 miles, passing by an impressive 11,675 homes right here in our county. " - COO Rodney Gray.

What sets us apart?

We prioritize the reliability of our underground fiber infrastructure, ensuring that our community gets the seamless connectivity it deserves. Unlike some providers, we steer clear of aerial fiber to avoid those sleepless nights when maintenance issues arise. And the great news is, we're on track to complete this ambitious project by the end of February.

We'd like to extend our gratitude to Supervisor Bob Davis for his kind words and compliments on our dedication to this project. We've heard concerns about our size, but we're proving that we're up to the task and committed to serving our community's broadband needs.

So, if you want to know more about our progress and the positive impact of our expansion, check out the article linked below. It's an exciting time for ZiTEL and our community.

Read the Full Article Here:


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