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Thanks to a recent partnership, broadband will be offered to underserved and unserved areas in Bedford County.

On Wednesday, ZiTel partnered with Bedford County to launch a project to more households.

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The company is on an 18 month timeline and they expect to have the project completed within 16 months.

“I think in the last few years, we’ve come to realize that high-speed internet access is just as important as water and electricity for a utility in neighborhoods. Some bigger cities take it for granted and this area should be just as important as them. They have the same students, same residents, and same small businesses that need those services,” Rodney Gray said.

A launch ceremony was held at the Jordantown Market in Vinton to celebrate the expansion.

ZiTel added that you can call them directly at (540) 328-1970 to see if you’re eligible for the project and if you are when they expect access will be offered to you.

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